Frequently Asked Questions
Enjaz Accounts
How can I edit an abstract that has been submitted?
After submitting an abstract you cannot edit.
Will my abstract automatically be considered for the health profession conference?
No, the abstracts will be evaluated first then you will be notified whether it is accepted or not.
Can I withdraw my abstract after it has been submitted?
You can withdraw your abstract by contacting us on Telegram (LINK), or sending an e-mail to
Can I submit an abstract before I write the manuscript?
Yes, you can as long as you have the results.
Can I submit an abstract that has been previously presented on other conferences?
Yes, you can
Is it necessary to register in Enjaz if I want to submit my abstract?
Yes, it’s mandatory for every applicant to have an Enjaz account to submit their abstract.
Will I get a confirmation email of the successful submission?
Upon successful submission, you will be redirected to your abstract page which contain your abstract ID.
Should I print the poster if my abstract has been accepted?
The Posters will be presented in HPC 2020 as E-poster and does not required any fees.
Are references required in the poster?
No, it is not needed
Can post-graduate present their research as well? Or it is limited to under-graduate student?
The chance of participation is possible for both.
Can each abstract have more than one presenter?
No, for each abstract -if it’s accepted- have only presenter.
How can I create an Enjaz account?
Please use the following link:
I forgot my password
Please use the following link: