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Supervisors enlisted on Enjaz

Name Domain City
Dr. tgiuiyuc vhriteur lgxdmwbe Basic Sciences الرياض
Dr. Dr. Kheireddine H. El-Boubbou Basic Sciences الرياض
Dr. ASMAA MOHAMMAD ALREFAIE Clinical Sciences جدة
Dr. Alqassem Yahia Hakami Basic Sciences جدة
Dr. Raniah Saleem Alotibi Clinical Sciences الرياض
Dr. Dr Hala Mohamed Bayoumy Clinical Sciences جدة
Dr. Raid Mohammed Alzahrani Clinical Sciences جدة
Dr. Syed Sameer Aga Basic Sciences جدة
Dr. Abeer Mokhtar Orabi Clinical Sciences جدة
Dr. Reem Mohammed Alkahtani Basic Sciences الرياض



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