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Title Field Supervisor City Date added
Screening of a Saudi Harvested Herbal Medicines for a Biological Activities Pharmaceutical Sciences Dr Rasha Suliman 2019-12-9
Knowledge and Attitude towards Antibiotic Usage: A questionnaire-based survey among pre-professional students at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health Sciences, Saudi Arabia Pharmacology Dr Syed Faisal Zaidi الرياض 2017-10-17
Peer teaching Among Graduate Entry and High School Entry Medical Students in King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences Medical Program Medical Education Dr. Mohamud Mohamud الرياض 2017-5-1
QOL in cataract patients waiting for surgery Surgery Abdulrahman Al-Garni الرياض 2016-3-1
Pattern of Intestinal Parasitic Infections at King Abulaziz Medical City, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and its Primary Health Clinics Across Saudi Arabia Microbiology Hamad Al-Selaimy الرياض 2016-3-1
A case control study on comparing the risk of mortality between pediatric down syndrome patients with and without cardiac anomalies in a tertiary healthcare center. Cardiology Abdullah Al-Anazi الرياض 2016-3-1
Nutrition status among adolecent girls of some secondary school in riyadh Clinical nutrition Bushra Al-Ajmi الرياض 2016-3-1
An analysis of outcome of chronic ventilated patients in wards Respiratory Therapist Department Mesjal Al-Rewaished الرياض 2016-3-1
Factors that affect nutritional status among Adolescent girls of some secondary schools in riyadh,central region of saudi arabia Nutrition Rahaf Khalaf الرياض 2016-3-1
Obesity as risk factor of chronic disease Nutrition Noor Al-Enazi الرياض 2016-3-1
Awareness regarding hypertension among Riyadh population 2016 Chronic disease Mustafa Absah الرياض 2016-3-1
Prospective Cohort Study to compare the Incidence Rate of Cochlea Malfunction Among Women Undergoing normal delivery with or without spinal anesthesia (in Saudi Arabia ), King Abdulaziz Medical City. Medical Education Rawan Al-Anazi الرياض 2016-3-1
Measurement of the antimicrobial use and compliance with hospital policies at KAMC- Riyadh Infection Control Saud Al-Buthi الرياض 2016-3-1
Effect of social media on medica students learning behavior Medical Education Amal Al-Moamary الرياض 2016-3-1
Nursing care for end of life patients Nursing Care Amani Al-Harbai الرياض 2016-3-1
Level of satisfaction about the academic guidance and advisory provided by dental schools to the students in Saudi Arabia. Dentistry Khalid Al-Deraa الرياض 2016-3-1
Effect of morning report in the outcome of students Medical Education Ahmed Mangahy الرياض 2016-3-1
Compliance of Therapist to early mobility for post-surgical patients. Occupational Therapy Shahad Al-Mohsen الرياض 2016-3-1
Prevalence, risk factors and consequent injuries of FALLS among Saudi elderly Geriatrics/Ortho Ibrahim Al-Otaibi الرياض 2016-2-29
Hemorrhagic Glioblastoma Multiform: Prevalence , Predisposing Factors and Prognosis Among Adult KFMC Patients. neurosurgery Saad Al-Maimouni الرياض 2016-2-29

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