An analysis of outcome of chronic ventilated patients in wards


Supervisor Mesjal Al-Rewaished
Description "this research, will define Chronic MV as patient mechanically ventilated for at least 21 days with at least 6 h of ventilation daily in Wards. We will look at patients that are ventilated either invasive or non invasive.
Also, the aim of this research is to look into the outcome for a significant number of mechanically ventilated patients who are not admitted to the Internsive Care Unit but are cared for in General Wards.
The study subjects are enrolled and identified through the electronic patient record database of the hospital and ventilator loan records maintained by the Respiratory Services.


1. Patients admitted between 01 January 2010 and 31 May 2014 who received continuous invasive MV.
2. Patients ages 18 years or older for both genders.


1. Patients who started MV in other hospitals and transferred to KAMC.
2. Patients managed in adult or pediatric ICUs, surgical or neurosurgical high dependency units, or coronary intensive care unit during their hospitalization.
Required role Study design, Data collection, Data analysis

"1- Help me in choosing the type of study design
2- Help me in SPSS analysis and to know about instruments used for data collection and the variables included in these instruments"
Prerequisites Mastering SPSS
Duration 1 month
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Date added 2016-3-1

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