Knowledge and Attitude towards Antibiotic Usage: A questionnaire-based survey among pre-professional students at King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for health Sciences, Saudi Arabia


Supervisor Dr Syed Faisal Zaidi
Description Antibiotic is a drug used to treat bacterial infections and it has no role in viral and fungal infections. Antibiotics resistance is one of the dangers that could threaten the human health in our world today due to the irrational use of antibiotic drugs. Many bacterial infections are becoming resistant to the most commonly prescribed antibiotics. Consequently, many patients have died with simple infections which were treated easily in the past. Now, because of the antibiotics resistance the survival rate has declined.

In 2000, the World Health Organization (WHO) Report Overcoming Antimicrobial Resistance identified three key issues for public involvement namely 1) Improving access to medical services, 2) Reducing unnecessary use of antimicrobial drugs, 3) Not sharing medication with other people. Inappropriate knowledge and attitude and most importantly, lack of education have contributed to antibiotic resistance which has resulted in the emergence of new multi-drug resistant bacteria. Several countries have undertaken campaigns to educate and encourage the public about appropriate usage of antibiotics. One important measure to minimize the development and spread of resistance is the rational use of antibiotics in society. Medical and other health allied fields students are important part of community, and are frequently contacted by family members and friends about antibiotics usage. Furthermore, they are future medical doctors and health professionals in the society. Their up to date knowledge, right from the beginning of their career, could play a key role in logical use of antibiotics in their family and in society.
Hence, this study is directed to gather information about antibiotic knowledge and usage among pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental and pre-applied health sciences students. This information would help to identify the level of understanding about ethical use of antibiotics in this important sub-population of community.

Our target population is pre-medical, pre-pharmacy, pre-dental and pre-applied health sciences students at KSAU-HS who have not yet taken any course related to pharmacology or pharmacy. We will be recruiting students from both Riyadh and Jeddah campuses to come up with satisfactory sample size.
Required role Data collection, assistance in data entry, literature search, and manuscript witting.
Prerequisites Interpersonal and good communication skills
Duration 2 years
Date added 2017-10-17

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