Mohammed Hasen A Alghamdi


Description An enthusiastic learner.
Has done a bachelor and a master degrees in Science.
Medical student B12.

Interested in Research. Enjoys helping and exploring!

See below and drop me a line if you need help.
Fields of interest
Previous experience GENERAL:
How to use scientific database?
How to read an article?
How to present you work?
Endnote Expert

Thesis editing
Proof reading
Literature & proposal writing

Cell Culture
Confocal microscopy
DNA Purification
Proteins Isolation and Purification
Gateway Cloning Technology
Designing primers for PCR, Gibson assembly and RT-PCR

GraphPad Prizm Software
Sequence editing Software (ApE)
Protein-viewing programs (DeepView and Chimera)
Ongoing projects MERS-CoV project
.. and maybe other projects soon!
Available until 2020-1-1
Date added 2016-2-22

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