Basic Sciences Supervisors

Name Interests City
Dr. tgiuiyuc vhriteur lgxdmwbe 1 الرياض
Dr. Dr. Kheireddine H. El-Boubbou Nanotechnology
Functional nanomaterials
Drug Delivery
Dr. Alqassem Yahia Hakami Neuroscience, Behavioral pharmacology, Addiction جدة
Dr. Syed Sameer Aga Cancer Genetics جدة
Dr. Reem Mohammed Alkahtani Nutrient Sensing, Gastroenterology, Enteric nervous system and Medical Education الرياض
Dr. Bahauddeen M Alrfaei Biology of Cancer Stem Cells, Normal Stem Cells, Neural precursors, Metabolic disorders, and Epigenetics الرياض
Dr. Tanvir . Khatlani Regenerative medicine /stem cell research الرياض
Dr. Mamdouh . Al Qhtani Nanomedicine الرياض
Dr. Majed . Al Halwani Dr. Halwani earned his Bachelor of Biochemistry from King Abdulaziz University in 1998 and he worked since then as laboratory specialist at MOH in Biochemistry and Serology. Dr. Halwani joined King Abdullah International Medical Research Center (KAIMRC) late 2013 as Associate Research Scientist. He built the initiative of establishing the Antimicrobial & Vaccine Development Unit under the umbrella of Infectious Diseases Department with Dr. Hanan Balkhy. Currently, Dr. Halwani is a Research Scientist and Consultant in Biomolecular Sciences and is a member of Nanomedicine Department. Dr. Halwani is also involved in the education of postgraduate students through co-mentorship with King Saud University.

Dr. Halwani research interests are focused on lipid-based drug and vaccine delivery systems and cancer drug delivery. In addition to research, Dr. Halwani has served in several international scientific societies.

Dr. Khalid . Abu Salah Nanomedicine الرياض
Dr. Ibrahim . Bushnak Nanomedicine الرياض
Dr. ABDALLAH . ADLAN Bioethics الرياض
Dr. Atia . Sheereen Medical Genomics الرياض
Dr. Salam . Massadeh Nanomedicine الرياض
Dr. Manal . Al Aamery Medical Genomics الرياض
Dr. RIZWAN . ALI Molecular biology
Drug discovery
Dr. SABHI . RAHMAN Cell biology
Drug discovery
Dr. ATEF . NEHDI Translational research الرياض
Dr. MAHMOUD . ALY Microbiology الرياض
Dr. MOHAMMED . AL KELYA Quality Management الرياض
Dr. NAWAL . ABUKHALID Database management الرياض
Dr. SABEENA . MUSTAFA Bioinformatics /Health Infromatics الرياض
Dr. ALI . AL FAIZ Bioinformatics / Health Infromatics الرياض
Dr. MUSA . GABERE Bioinformatics / Health Informatics

Currently working on:
1- Peptide interactions studies
2- Therapeutics for MERS Co-V

Previous papers:
1- Empirical comparison of web-based antimicrobial peptide prediction tools
2- In Silico Identification and Molecular Validation of Putative Antimicrobial Peptides for HIV Therapy
3- Molecular Validation of Putative Antimicrobial Peptides for Improved Human Immunodeficiency Virus Diagnostics via HIV Protein p24

For more information on Dr. Gabere's work :
Dr. MOHYUDDIN . . Bioinformatics / Health Infromatics الرياض
Dr. MOHAMED . HUSSEIN Bioinformatics / Health Infromatics الرياض
Dr. SAMEER . MOHAMMAD Medical Genomics الرياض
Dr. ABDERREZAK . BOUCHAMA Experemintal medicine , animal research الرياض
Dr. MOHAMMAD AZHAR AZIZ Genomics/Transcriptomics/cancer biology الرياض
Dr. SABINE . NASRI Medical Genomics الرياض
Dr. MOHAMMED . BALWI Medical Biotechnology الرياض
Dr. SALEH . AL GHAMDI Molecular pathology
Dr. SALMAN . AL FADHEL Bioequivalance
Dr. Dr Hafejee Cassim Essackjee Endocrinology
Exercise Physiology
Dr. Muhammad Anwar Khan Biochemistry
Molecular biology
Molecular Genetics
Dr. Nail Mahmoud Hasan Cell growth/division
Cell cycle regulation
Dr. Dr. Amre Nasr Genes polymorophism associated with immune response الرياض
Dr. Mohamed Abu Maree Stem cells
Regenerative Medicine
Dr. Dunia M Jawdat Immunology
Cord blood stem cell
Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA)
Dr. Ahmed Abdalla AlTayeb Anatomy الرياض
Dr. Rabih O AlKaysi Nanotechnology الرياض
Dr. Ahmad Samir Aljada My research has focused on the understanding of the pathogenesis of insulin resistance and its associated complications at the cellular and molecular levels, with particular emphasis on white blood cells and endothelial cells. My recent research focuses on understanding the mechanisms of stress induced premature senescence (SIPS). Several key mediators of SIPS have been identified and in the process of being characterized in my laboratory. These mediators have been investigated in the context of drug-induced resistance and atherosclerosis.

I have published more than ninety publications in peer-reviewed journals and presented more than 100 abstracts at several national and international meetings.

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